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Stone pot tin foil flame clams: The original seafood is tired of eating, and the spicy and fragrant fat clams make people drool. And the dishes served in the tin foil wraps are even more stunning to the diners, who can personally experience a dual experience of vision and taste. Steamed razor clams with minced garlic vermicelli: Light and not too bland, minced garlic and seafood are a perfect match. The deliciousness of razor clams is completely inspired, and fans inhale the essence of seafood, raising the taste to a new level. Boiled octopus: It is a kind of seafood with very rich nutritional value. It is not only delicious in taste, but also a good product for dietary therapy. If you are tired of eating oily and spicy seafood dishes, boil them for a while to retain the original taste and nutrition, and the taste is tender and crisp. Fried Red Lady with Chives: Fish is rich in folic acid, high protein, low fat and very rich in minerals. The red lady, fried with chives, is crispy and not greasy. Shang Palace always uses fresh ingredients and extraordinary products to delight diners from all over the world, and the consumption concept of "noble and not expensive" and the food concept of "enjoying food, enjoying life slowly" are the way to operate the restaurant..So,how to cook alaskan golden king crab at home?

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The practice of steaming king crab: First, clean the king crab. Then cut off 4 limbs, put them in the steamer for 30 minutes, and they are cooked. Finally, add your favorite juice. Delicious and delicious steamed king crab is ready! Nutritional value of king crab: King crab is rich in protein, trace elements and other nutrients, which have a good nourishing effect on the body. In recent years, studies have found that crabs also have anti-tuberculosis effects, and eating crabs is beneficial for the recovery of tuberculosis. Chinese medicine believes that it has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, replenishing bones and adding marrow, nourishing tendons and activating blood, clearing meridians, improving limbs, renewing injury, nourishing liver yin, and filling gastric juice. It has a certain therapeutic effect on diseases such as congestion, injury, jaundice, waist and leg pain and rheumatoid arthritis..So,what is juicy king crab dc?

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Drunken King Crab Legs.So,how much is 1 lb of king crab leg sale near me?

Material: King crab legs.


1. Use live emperor feet..

2. Steam in the steaming cabinet for 5 minutes, take out the ice for 30 minutes, soak the secret ice drunk water for 1 hour and then put it on the plate (the secret ice drunk juice rice wine 7 catties, Huadiao 2 catties, steamed fish soy sauce 1 catties, sugar 2 kg half, 4 taels of salt, 6 taels of monosodium glutamate, 1 taels of dried tangerine peel, scallions, and ginger)..

3. Put on a plate and drizzle with a little juice..

Mouthfeel: The wine is strong and firm..

Blossoming Rich King Crab.

Main ingredient: king crab.

Accessories: local eggs, cooked honey beans, black roe.

Seasoning: salt, Huadiao wine.


1. Uncover the king crab, remove the meat, and make it with Huadiao wine for 30 to 40 minutes..

2. Knock the eggs into the bowl, add salt and a small amount of Huadiao wine and mix well..

3. Put the seasoned egg liquid into the tea bowls, add a little crab meat and stir well, then put it into the cage to steam for 3 minutes, then take it out, then sprinkle a little crab meat, put it into the cage and steam it until it is fully cooked, and then take it out. Serve with a little gravy and garnish with cooked honey beans and black roe..

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